Carol's technique for all original paintings is to create them on a prepared board, rather than stretched canvas.  Fine details of fur and feathers come to life because of the very smooth surface.  The board will not break or deteriorate with age.  Carol admires some of the greatest wildlife painters of today (Bateman, Brender, Combs and others), many of which paint on this type of board.

All Original Art and Giclee Prints include frames chosen by the artist.

Many ask: What is a Giclee print?
A Giclee is a digital copy of the original oil painting. The original is professionally scanned into a computer and carefully color adjusted. Test prints are made to be sure the color, color density and contrast are exact duplicates of the original.  It's then printed by a high quality inkjet printer onto artist canvas.  The giclee dries instantly and is water resistant, making it more durable than regular canvas. The giclee is then mounted to wooden bars for stability.

Carol does a limited number of giclees for most of her original paintings. Each giclee is numbered in series, and signed on the back of the print.  The price of a giclee is consideribly less than the price of an original oil, giving those on a limited budget an opportunity to still own one of Carol's amazing wildlife paintings!

About the Art

Carol Yopp

Wildlife Artist